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Throughout the last six months or so, the Elders have taken a practical and prayerful approach to the Coronavirus pandemic. As virtual services and mid-week activities bedded in to the “new normal”, Project Restore was launched to work out how we could safely bring back physical gatherings in the Village Hall. At the very outset, it was agreed this would be a careful and considered approach, not rushing back for the sake of it - we wanted to ensure that everyone feels safe to return when they choose to.

With that in mind, it’s time to come back together! We’re delighted that after weeks of prayer, careful consideration and discussions between both the Elders and the Village Hall committee, we will once again be able to gather “in person” from Sunday 4th October for our 10.30am Sunday service. Whilst this is exciting, we must stress that although church hasn’t stopped, it has been changed and it will look and feel different for the foreseeable future, as we seek to work within the Government guidelines.

These new safety measures have been rigorously curated and reviewed by the Elders and Village Hall committee. Whilst these new guidelines may seem strict and unusual, they are there to protect us all and to make us all safe. Please be assured that the Government’s ban on social gatherings of more than six people, which has come into force over the last couple of weeks, does not apply to public worship in churches. The ban on groups of more than six is however applicable when chatting to groups of friends and families so please pay particular care about this immediately before and after the service. We have carried out and completed a robust risk assessment and this is available to be viewed by speaking to Pete D ( or by visiting the Covid-19 section on the King’s Church website. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Village Hall committee especially Pat Leech who have been amazing throughout this time and have worked so hard in helping us restore our physical gatherings as well as some refurbishments to the Hall itself, including a new floor (so please be careful!).

The first thing to say is that if you don't feel well or have symptoms of Covid-19, please stay at home. On arrival, your temperature will be taken and in addition you will need to give your name and phone number for Track & Trace details. As with anywhere else should someone who attended the church service develop Covid-19 and depending on your proximity to that person and time spent in close contact with them you may be required to self-isolate. You will need to wear a mask throughout your time whilst inside the Village Hall and/or Church building. Please bring your own sanitiser however there will also be sanitiser available inside the building.

Upon your arrival, seats will be set out at 1m+ spacing between couples, families and individuals that may arrive by themselves. Seating positions will be allocated on arrival filling up from the front. Please note, that social distancing will still need to be observed and maintained within the Village Hall.

A new one way system will be put in place within the Village Hall, using the normal entrance (opposite the Church building), going directly into the hall. During the service, you will not be able use the same door to leave the hall. Instead, as the kitchen will not be in use for refreshments (we’d encourage you to bring your own flask of tea or coffee and perhaps some biscuits too), we ask that you use the kitchen to walk round the back of the stage to access the toilets, the exit or the hall again. Toilets are restricted to one person at a time using the Gents and Disabled toilets for Ladies as the usual ladies toilets are currently out of use. The church toilets will be available for use throughout the service.

For the time being as per our Outdoor Service in September, one change to our normal services will be that only the person/s leading worship will be able to sing during the service. This is subject to change within government guidance and we will of course keep you updated. With this in mind we are exploring other ways of expressing our worship other than singing. This still gives us the opportunity to stop in the busyness of life and reflect on the words and melodies being sung, pressing into His presence.

As with any other public place, over 70s are advised to stay at home as much as possible and minimise contact with others outside their household. For those that have been shielding, we advise them not to attend in accordance with government guidance at this time.

King’s News will continue to be delivered electronically in order to minimise “touch points” and we won’t be passing round any collection bowls. Instead, collection buckets will be available for use on exit, but where possible please use electronic giving. For more information or if you’d like to talk in more detail about giving or if you are in need of support, please speak to John (07921 024439 /

A couple of weeks ago, Pete Darkins and Chris Hayward safely met with the Village Hall team to lay out what a potential Sunday morning could look like from a Covid-safe perspective. With limited space available we may have to turn people away. If this is the case we will consider introducing a booking system for future weeks, but we will be taking a week-by-week approach to our services and guidelines.

The team are currently working on a plan for Children’s and Youth work, but in the meantime, everyone will stay in the Village Hall for the entirety of the service. King’s Kids: Rise will take a break for a few weeks, whilst we transition back to physical gatherings in the Village Hall, but we wanted to take this opportunity to praise the work of Rachel and Sally who have led Rise outstandingly well - thank you!

As you know, the current plan is to use the Village Hall on Sunday 4th October, however with rising virus cases there is a possibility that this may not be possible or practical and may need to be delayed, but as always, we will keep you updated. There may come a time when we may need to return to Zoom but we’re feeling hopeful!

We wanted to reiterate that there is no pressure on returning to church if you do not feel comfortable just yet. With that in mind, we are committed to continuing to broadcast our services via Zoom and on Facebook, which we know work for different people.

Welcome back to church, it’s time to come back together…

If you still want to join one of our meetings on Zoom then please see the list of activities below or get in touch with Chris and Rachel in the office.


King's Church Iver at Home Sunday Service, 10.30am,  Zoom ID: 728-271-274    

Divine Healing, 7pm (alternate Sundays), Zoom ID: 728-271-274 


Monday Prayer Meeting, 9am - 9.45am, Zoom ID 728-271-274       

King's Place, 2pm - 3pm,  Zoom ID: 728-271-274

Home Group with John & Sharon, 8pm—10pm  Zoom ID: 728-271-274  


Home Groups on Zoom, 7pm - 9pm (Please contact your Home Group Leader for more details.)

King's Place, 2pm - 3pm,  Zoom ID: 728-271-274     

King's Youth on Zoom, 7pm - 8.30pm, - Zoom ID available from the office

Al-Anon, 10.30am - 12.30pm, Skype. For more information, please contact Annette (07971425814) or Christine (07450322958)