We focus upon four key areas that we believe are vital to walking into our vision and mission.


JESUS REVEALED – In all that we are and do we want to see Jesus revealed to us, in us and through us. We believe that Father God’s revealed purposes are in Jesus Christ – He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. He is the Lord and Saviour of the world. Because of His life, death, resurrection and Lordship, we who are believers are now in Christ and Christ is in us (by His Spirit). We will keep Jesus central to all we do, glorifying Him in our worship, pointing to Him in our teaching and preaching, proclaiming and demonstrating Him in our mission, outreach and lives.


GROWING IN RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD – At the heart of the vision is the fact that when we become Christians we are accepted by God and united with Christ. We are now ‘In Christ‘, with a new identity, we are ‘In RELATIONSHIP’ with Him. Our desire is that each of us (individually and together) will grow deeper in the reality of this relationship with God, treasuring His presence, experiencing more of His love, following His lead and learning to live in the daily power of the Holy Spirit. We recognise that every aspect of our Christian lives is an overflow of this relationship with God.


REACHING OUT TO SEE HOPE RESTORED – Our vision is to reach out to others as a Christ Centered community of love to those in our neighborhood, where we work and where we spend our time. We want to help others so that they will know hope restored, we desire to see restoration, forgiveness, deliverance, healing and wholeness across Iver, the surrounding area and wherever the Lord leads. We believe that fullness of life comes in relationship with Jesus and we will reach out in His name to meet physical, emotional and spiritual need with the truth and love of God – one life at a time!


A CHRIST CENTRED COMMUNITY OF LOVE – Our vision is for King’s to be a community that knows God’s love, loves Him with all our being and demonstrates to each other the radical, unconditional love of Father God revealed in Jesus. We want to serve, encourage one another and help one another grow in relationship with God. Our desire is to be a community of love where every person can flourish as the person God has created them to be, impacting this world for God’s glory wherever He calls us.