We believe that all those who are born again believers are part of the body of Christ and therefore the global church. We also believe that God’s best plan is for every believer to be a committed part of a local church. This is in order to grow in relationships and in faith through receiving love, teaching and support, through using our gifts to serve others and reach out to others together and through mutual accountability.


Whilst we welcome all to our services, we have a membership structure where all those who are committed to the vision God has given to us commit to each other, to the church leadership and to God’s purposes for the church in this area. We have 3-4 members meetings per year where we share and pray and where we make key decisions together.

We encourage all Christians who are regularly part of our gatherings to become members. In order to do this please ring the office for more detail on 01753 651178 or speak to any of the Elders who would be happy to talk through, answer any questions and share more. For details of who’s who please see our Who’s Who page.